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Stretched Funding Hours

Understanding the balancing act between work and family, we offer the option to ‘stretch’ your funded hours over up to 51 weeks instead of the standard 38 weeks. This means using fewer hours per week but over a longer period. Take a look at the examples below.

15 Hours of Stretched
Childcare Funding

Traditionally allocated over the 38 weeks of term time, you have the option to extend this schedule to cover up to a 51-week period. By doing so, the weekly hours adjust to approximately 11 hours.

Applying for Childcare Funding

Find out more: Childcare Choices

For working families: Apply for 15 hours childcare funding

Childcare Funding FAQ

When can I apply for childcare funding for my 2 year old?

You can apply from when your child is 1 year and 36 weeks for 15 hours free childcare. Find out more

Can I apply for funding if I’m not working?

Funding is only applicable for working parents.

Can self-employed individuals be eligible for funded childcare?

Yes, self-employed parents are eligible for funded childcare, provided they meet the minimum income requirements through their self-employment.

What if I work multiple jobs?

If you have more than one job, combine your earnings from all employment to see if you meet the eligibility criteria, specifically the minimum of 16 hours per week at the national minimum wage and a maximum annual income of £100,000.

How do I prove my income if it’s irregular?

For irregular income, use the average of your expected earnings over the current tax year to determine eligibility.

Is a National Insurance Number required for eligibility?

Yes, having a National Insurance Number is a prerequisite for applying for funded childcare.

How does the ‘stretching’ of funded hours work?

The ‘stretching’ option allows you to spread your funded hours over more weeks by using fewer hours each week, providing increased flexibility to match your family’s schedule.

How often do I need to reconfirm my details?

You need to reconfirm your eligibility details on your account every three months to continue receiving funding.

How many funded hours per day can I use at Woodberry

The daily use of funded hours at Woodberry depends on the nursery’s availability and opening hours. The funding is allocated on a pro-rata basis across the year, rather than by specific days.

Can I roll over unused hours to the next term if I’m on holiday?

Unfortunately, hours are allocated on a pro-rata basis throughout the year, maintaining a consistent weekly routine regardless of holidays or sickness.

What should I do if I need extra hours on an ad hoc basis?

Please discuss your needs with the nursery manager as soon as possible. They will do their best to accommodate additional bookings, which will incur a non-funded charge.

Why do fees vary between Family First nurseries?

Fees vary due to differing operational costs across geographical locations, impacting the charges between our various nurseries.