Parents and Carers as Partners

Partnership with Parents and Carers

Parents are a child’s first teachers. In our settings we see you as the expert on your child and recognise the value of parental involvement in all aspects of early learning.

What do we mean by Partnership?  

When we speak about partnership we are thinking about the following things:

Community – Working together means knowing the local community and all its strengths and needs.

Equality and Diversity – We recognise that there are many different family set ups, with different cultures and languages, and a variety of work commitments.

Inclusion – Finding ways to include all parents and carers equally, although perhaps in different ways that suit different families.

Consultation – Talking to each other about your child and about policies and projects at our nurseries.

Involvement – Staff and parents getting involved together in each child’s learning journey and learning environment.

Getting to know each other          

If parents, carers and staff are going to work together they need to get to know each other. Here are some of the opportunities we have to get to know your family and to help you to get to know us:

Key Person – A key person is for you and your child. They are there for you to chat with at the beginning and end of each session, swapping stories and information about your child.

Online Learning Journal– This is a good way for us to show you what your child does when they are at the setting. We can film short clips of them and write observations for you to access at home. We would encourage you to do the same. Sharing photos and videos of home life is a very powerful tool when a key person is establishing a relationship with a child and opens the door to many future conversations.

Displays – We use displays to tell you about the setting, what the children have been doing and what our ethos is.

Getting Involved   

You know your child and you can really help us to plan relevant and interesting learning opportunities for them.  At the same time, we can share what we know about child development and learning. Here are some of the ways we can all get involved:

Regular meetings – A quick chat at the end of a session is a good way of sharing daily details. We also arrange regular meetings with parents to talk about their child’s learning and to plan together for their child.

Leaflets and talks – We have a variety of information leaflets for parents. We also give short talks on various child-related subjects.

Monthly newsletter – We email a newsletter to parents and carers once a month to keep you in touch with nursery projects and developments.

Opportunities for parents to share with each other

Open Days – Many of our open days involve “stay and play” time, it’s a great opportunity for you to broaden your network and meet other local families.

Visits – Come and visit the nursery and share a story or some food that is special to your family. Visitors are hugely enriching to a nursery environment.

Policies – If we need to improve a policy or start up a new project at the setting we will involve parents through consultation either in a meeting or through a questionnaire. We try to find times and ways to consult all parents.

Who benefits from partnership?  We all do!

Your child benefits by having all the relevant adults sharing information and working together to support their development.

You benefit by having confidence in the setting because it is your space too and you are contributing to it.  You know the staff and they know you and your child.

We benefit by learning from parents about their children and the rich variety of families and cultures they come from.

The community benefits by having an early years setting that is a focal point for parents to meet and exchange ideas and share experiences.

Come and talk to us  

We always try to make time to listen and share with parents. There are lots of ways you can get in touch with us because we appreciate that as parents you have a lot of demands on your time. Face to face conversations can happen as and when you see us or you can make an appointment – just email your nursery manager to arrange.

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