Children’s Committee Meetings

A group of children take part in our committee meetings each term. Two meetings are held per term with the aim of giving the children a voice and the opportunity to give feedback on their nursery experience and initiate change where appropriate. Children are more motivated to learn when the environment, activities and resources interest them: involving the children in the decisions we make ensures that we are ‘in-tune’ with them.

The children are invited to contribute their ideas on the items set out in the agenda in a meeting held in the office, around a table with nibbles and refreshments. We ask families to take a little time to talk to their children about nursery and write any comments on the agenda points provided as well as making suggestions for other agenda topics to be discussed at the meeting. It goes without saying that we are happy to talk about anything that interests/worries/excites the children. The overarching aim is to improve our setting for your children.