Rebecca started her Woodberry journey in February 2018 in our Preschool Room. Rebecca quickly developed a great number of skills such as positive behaviour management and the role of the key person in the attachment in the wellbeing of young children. After she completed her qualification, Rebecca put her natural leadership skills to good use as Room Leader of the Toddler Room. Working with toddlers, Rebecca is intrigued by speech and language development. Rebecca aims to create an environment that immerses children in rich language. She has introduced “concept planning” to the room, ensuring that children are introduced to concepts such as big/little, fast/slow, rough/smooth etc systematically as well as in natural conversation. Rebecca has explored the key person approach with her team, adjusting routines and activities to put the emotional wellbeing of her children above all else. This has been reinforced through nurture group times. Interested in learning more, Rebecca has begun her foundation degree.

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