Alisha joined our team in 2014 as an apprentice in our Peartree Preschool and now works as Room Leader, leading a large team in our Under-Two’s Room. Alisha is very knowledgeable about milestones in babies development and how adults can support their learning. A great advocate of the use of music to support language development, Alisha initiated the use of Musical Development Matters – creating a box of resources and activities for the benefit of her team and children. This has been a great success, the look of joy on the children’s faces are an ongoing testament to this. Alisha’s continuing goal is to look at how the nursery environment supports the development of our youngest children, particularly through sensory exploration. Alisha is working towards her Foundation Degree, regularly providing fresh ideas and creative solutions to problems. Alisha has an exciting career ahead of her as she was recently promoted to Nursery Manager.

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