Sugar Awareness Week

Did you know that children are having more than double the amount of sugar than they should? This can lead to many different health problems later in life. At this early stage, we have a great opportunity to educate children on healthy choices and exercise.

At Woodberry settings we strive to give children low sugar meals and snacks when they attend. Our menus are in the process of being accredited by our prestigious and influential partners at the Early Years Nutrition Partnership. By achieving this recognition, we are guaranteeing that the food we serve your children is high quality, freshly prepared and nutritionally balanced.

Children are encouraged to make healthy choices and talk about what food is good for us and what food we should eat in moderation. The children have access to fresh fruit everyday.

When baking with the children we steer towards healthy recipes that come from the children’s play or interest. For example; the children were pretending to make bread with the playdough. The staff then made real bread rolls with the children so they could see the process of how to do this from beginning to end.

The children have access to the outdoors throughout all the sessions to make sure they get plenty of time to be active. Children should be active for at least 90 minutes a day!

With new rules in place, all foods should be labelled so that you can see how much sugar it contains. They are bragged by colour, red, yellow and green. This allows you to be able to make healthier choices for your family. You can also get lots of tips on sugar swaps. Here are a few you could try!


From: High sugar cereals-chocolate pops.             To: Low sugar cerals-weetabix/porridge.


From: Chocolate bars/Chocolate yoghurt.             To: Malt loaf/Sugar free jelly.


From: Crisps/Sweets/Fizzy.                                      To: Crackers/Rice cake/Water or no added sugar juice.

What to do next?

  • Take a screenshot of this helpful Food Shopping Card (below) to help you make informed food choices.
  • Read more about the effects of sugar in your diet here:

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