We recognise that all children are unique.

A blend of their genes and early experiences, this means that all children have their own learning style. Adhering rigidly to one child development theory, practice or methodology will benefit some and disadvantage others. So, we draw inspiration from many: Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Forest School Approach, The Froebel Approach… What children need most is love and care from a responsive Key Person who recognises their child’s changing needs and alters their interactive style to suit.

Woodberry Day Nursery recognises that children learn best through play.

Play’s vital role in fostering young children’s healthy social and psychological development is well documented. Play not only aids children’s mental and physical health, it teaches them risk taking and problem-solving skills, promoting imagination, independence and creativity. We see adults as facilitators to play: ensuring children have an enriched environment to explore their interests, free access to resources, acting as collaborators, inspiring, encouraging and challenging.

There is a point when children need to be supported by an adult to extend their thinking and learning. We call this a “teachable moment”. It may come during a moment of sustained shared thinking; the child’s key person sees an opportunity to extend the child’s learning, achieving a new milestone. The child’s Key Person may have known this moment was imminent, it may be a pleasant surprise. Either way, they have the skills and the resources to support their child through this new experience. One resource we use to guide us is the EYFS.

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